BoT Worries over Asian Economy More Than Greece
  BANGKOK, July 2 (TNA) - The Bank of Thailand (BoT) is more worried about Asian economy, especially China, more than Greece while it forecast that Thai economy in 2015 would sustain growth of 3 per cent, said Don Nakornthab, director of BoT’s Macroeconomic Policy...
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TNSC Revises down Thailand’s Exports to Contract 2%
  BANGKOK, June 30 (TNA) - The Thai National Shippers’ Council (TNSC) has revised down Thailand’s exports in 2015  to contract  2 per cent  from zero growth, said Nopporn Thepsittha,  president of TNSC.   Poor exports by the country in May  which were...
30-06-15 | 13042 views
Global Money Market in Volatility on Greece
  BANGKOK, June 30 (TNA) - The Bank of Thailand (BoT) says  global money market  continues  to  move in volatility  on traders’ concerns  over Greece’s potential debt default and possible  leaving from the euro zone  while the Thai baht moves within...
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SET Index Continues Declining
  BANGKOK, June 29 (TNA) - Equity investor  mood on Monday was poor as most investors were concerned  that Greece, which faces a debt repayment on Tuesday, would be unable  to settle the repayment  amounting approximately 1.6  billion  euro, analysts said.   They...
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Threats by Unlicensed Fishing Trawlers Affect Industry
  BANGKOK, June 29 (TNA) - Demands by unlicensed fishing trawlers that they would  stop  fishing from Tuesday would affect  both the  marine  animal industry and local consumption,  said Paiboon Ponsuwanna,  an adviser of the Thai National Shippers’...
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Government Collects about Bt1.29 Trillion from Last Oct- This May
  BANGKOK, June 29 (TNA) - The government collected  about 1.29 trillion  baht  during the first eight months of the current fiscal 2015, started from last October 1, 4.8 per cent higher than the same period of fiscal 2014, said Kritsada  Chinawicharana, director-general of Finance...
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Thai Export Down by 5.01 Percent in May
  BANGKOK, June 27 (TNA) - Thai export value continued to fall in May and it has declined by 5% so far this year.   The value of Thai export was decreasing for five months in a row mainly due to the lower prices of oil and farm products and economic slowdown in trading partners, said Somkiat...
27-06-15 | 783 views
Construction of Bangkok – Chiang Mail Rail Link to Start in 2018
  BANGKOK, June 27 (TNA) - It is expected that construction of a high-speed rail link between Bangkok and the northern province of Chiang Mai will start in 2018 while Japan will dispatch its route survey team either next month or in August.   Deputy TransportMinister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith...
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Severe Drought Pushes GDP Downward by 0.5%, Says Finance Minister
    BANGKOK, June 25 (TNA) - Prevailing severe drought  in Thailand has pushed  the projected gross domestic product (GDP) downward by 0.5 per cent  from 3.5 per cent  forecast earlier, said Finance Minister Sommai Pasi on Thursday.   The El Nino weather...
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Thai Industries Sentiment Index Drops for Fifth Month in May
    BANGKOK, June 23 (TNA) - The Thai Industries Sentiment Index (TISI) dropped for fifth month in a row in May and the lowest in the past one  year, and the local sales and exports of automobiles also declined, according to a survey by Federation of Thai  Industries...
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FPO: MERS Affects Thailand Mildly
    BANGKOK, June 23 (TNA) - The Finance Ministry’s  Fiscal Police Office  on Tuesday  estimated that Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)  could  come under control and  would not be too severe like the Severe  Acute Respiratory Syndrome  which...
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FTI Chairman: MERS, ICAO Issues Not Affecting Thai economy
  BANGKOK, June (TNA) - The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) significant safety concerns on Thai air transport safety standard are temporary problems and will not affect the Thai economy but global economic problems...
22-06-15 | 844 views
Amended Aviation Law to Be Promulgated in Coming Months
  BANGKOK, June 22 (TNA) - The Ministry of Transport is speeding up the amendment of air transport law to meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)'s standards, with the revised bill expected to be promulgated in October 2015.   Transport Minister Air Chief Marshal...
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PM says land tax collection postponed indefinitely
BANGKOK, March 13 -- Plans by the government to collect land and buildings tax, aimed at narrowing social disparities
13-03-15 | 2539 views
Minister: Thai auto industry ready to cater to AEC
BANGKOk, March 13 -- Thailand’s automobile industry is strong enough to cater to the ASEAN Economic Community
13-03-15 | 2470 views
Japan responds positively to new BoI policies
BANGKOK, Feb 23 -- Hirunya Suchinai, acting secretary-general of the Board of Investment (BoI)
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DLT develops new app for taxi passengers
BANGKOK, Feb 21 -- After receiving many complaints from passengers on the quality and poor services given by taxi drivers,
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Workers needed for five key industries
BANGKOK Feb 21 -- As Thailand is now heading towards an elderly society, the Industry Ministry’s Office
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Thailand needs new energy sources
BANGKOK, Feb 20 -- Energy Minister Narongchai Akrasanee said the government would be able to decide
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More permanent border crossings raises trade in farm products
BANGKOK, Feb 19 -- Thailand's Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) reported that the permanent border crossing operations
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